Come Relax,

Celebrate and Enjoy!


History of Billy's Barn

The spirit of Billy's Barn began decades ago. Billy Robinson raised

his family here and was well known for the repair of watches, dolls, woodwork, and bicycles in the China Spring community. In 2004, we became next door neighbors and enjoyed many hours visiting with him over projects and coffee. His barn was overstocked with every tool, implement, bolt, or nut that might ever be needed for any project – big or small. Billy was always available to teach, share, and complete any job. His barn had an open door policy for tools and conversation. He truly understood what it meant to be a good neighbor.

His passion was enjoying the country life, watching our horses in

the pasture, and repairing bicycles for neighborhood families. It was

such a delight to watch young children come to choose their favorite

bicycle and hear him say, “that one will be 75 cents!” Their faces lit up

with joy receiving Billy's gift. Upon renovation, our family was gifted

with one of his original repair jobs - a bicycle built for four! To the

delight of many local blind children this bike allowed three of them

and one sighted young rider to experience a bike's freedom.


In 2017, we bought the property from his children. It is our desire

to preserve his memory here. The Guest Haus, originally his shop, has

been remodeled into a bed and breakfast for overnight enjoyment.

The wood from the original home was repurposed as the beautiful

interior barn walls and picnic tables. The home's shutters edge the

stage under the covered patio and the original front door now allows

access from the back pasture.


In keeping with his giving spirit, fond memories,

and lessons of life's simple pleasures

we invite you to Billy's Barn to come

Relax, Celebrate, and Enjoy.

Your local Waco area backyard venue to host family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and employees making memories. Complete with AC & Heat inside barn space, Guest Haus accommodations and outdoor venue locations.

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